nothing phone is a futuristic phone un boxing

What is the Nothing Phone 1?

Nothing Phone 1 is the first smartphone from the British technology business Nothing, which was founded by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei with...
Marijuana is a drug particularly good treatment for pain with CBD and THC that can be able to control seizures plant also called weed and cannabies

Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized or Not: An Expert’s Perspective

Best of the Marijuana Marijuana is a drug with some hazards, it would be strange if there were a...
skin bleaching or whitening with cheap creams can cause tumors and allergies and sometimes mercury is also included in those creams

Why people risk their lives to skin bleaching

One of the fastest growing sectors of the beauty industry is also one of its most controversial. Skin Bleaching, When the color...
india to overtake china as world most populous country

India will surpass China as having the world’s largest population

Now it's predicted next year India will surpass China as having the world's largest population according to figures from the united nations....
us inflation at an all time high. How does this affects you

U.S inflation at an all time high, How does this affect...

In the United States, it's at an over 40-year high according to a government report released on Wednesday (13-07-2022). Inflation that's the...
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