Is China preparing to invade Taiwan after ballistic missile launch

China is holding its largest ever military exercise around the Taiwan

China is stepping up its military around Taiwan. As tensions rise following the visit of US house speaker Nancy Pelosi. Beijing is preparing for its biggest show of force around in decades.

The government in Taipei says it scrambled jets to warn off Chinese aircraft that entered its air defense zone. A number of Taiwanese ministry websites have come under cyber attack.

Nancy Pelosi left Taiwan pledging Washington’s ironclad commitment to defending democracy. The people’s liberation army released images of China launching its biggest show of force against Taiwan. Navy and air force drills included what Beijing called “precision missile strikes

Our government is even more resolute to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our nation. In light of the current situation, our government will not only actively strengthen its self-defense capabilities but will also maintain close ties with like-minded countries like the United States. – Joanne Ou – Taiwanese foreign ministry spokesperson

The issue has dominated a meeting of the Association of South Asian Nations in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh with China and the United States joining the summit. In his opening remarks, China’s foreign minister emphasized the political and security ties between China and Asian countries.

Navy and airforce drills indicated in blue

China is holding its largest ever military exercise around the Taiwan. The Eastern theater command of the peoples liberation army said long-range armed live fire precision missile strikes were carried out on the selected and the selected targets in the eastern area of the Taiwan strait. The draw is to test the precision strike and the area deny capabilities.

According to the Chinese military all missiles accurately hit their targets. Most importantly the PLA claimed that the entire live fire training mission has been successfully completed and they are lifting the relevancy and the airspace control right now.

Beijing is Taiwan’s biggest trading partner it’s already now moved to ban imports of some goods. Of 3,200 registrations by Taiwanese companies in 58 food categories in midland China a total of 2,000 are currently listed as suspended imports. That is nearly 65% of the total amount of goods that Taiwan is exporting to China. Not only that china has also announced a ban on the export of natural sand to Taiwan, and natural sand is generally used in the production of concrete, to building the street for the asphalt and most of the sand and gravel imported into Taiwan comes from China.

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Source: DW News


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